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6x per year

Number of copies:
7.500 copies

Magazine price:
3,50 €
plus shipping costs

„Der Gerüstbauer“ is a supraregional magazine for managers and decision makers in the scaffolding industry and related industries like painters, roofer etc. Expert authors give technical reports and business management information as well as current topics, interesting facts from the market, articles for efficient management, company profiles and interviews.


  • Work safety
  • Interviews
  • Sub-areas of scaffolding industry
  • Manufacturers informationen
  • Marketing
  • Commercial informationen
  • News of the Bundesinnung für das Gerüstbauer-Handwerk und des Güteschutzverbandes Stahlgerüstbau e.V.

4x per year

Number of copies:
5.000 copies

Magazine price:
7,50 €
plus shipping costs

The magazine "agbau" is not only addressed to coordinators but to all who are engaged with safe and healthy work on construction site. All divisions of occupational safety and health as well as coordination are covered - with expert articles, experience reports, tips for events and trade fairs, legal information, law and regulations as well as latest news.
„agbau“ is a quaterly publishes magazine in a handy pocket size (DIN A5)


  • Fire protection
  • Scaffolding
  • Traffic safety
  • Civil engineering
  • Rail construction
  • Proctective work clothing
  • Emergency management
  • Training/News